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What does Level 2 dental restrictions mean?

The slowly reducing number of COVID- 19 cases has now prompted the government to ease some of the restrictions to gradually start the progression towards normal life.

The Dental restrictions are being lowered to level 2 from level 3 on April, 27th. We are still restricted with what we can do but it does broaden our treatment scope a bit more. We are now able to see some non urgent dental work like orthodontic and denture work. Any postponed dental treatment during the level 3 restrictions, that has the potential to become worse before this whole thing resolves, can be carried out provided we are able to do it safely.

Aerosol generating procedures are still restricted and cannot be carried out unless under a dental dam. Dental dam acts as a barrier and isolates the tooth being worked on from the rest of the mouth which prevents the saliva and water getting splattered around.

Australian dental surgeries have already a high infection control standard which makes it easier to implement additional safe practices during such crisis.

As part of our safe practice in Lillybrook Dental, additional precautions are in place such as:

  • – Screening of all patients attending the practice
  • – Reception area devoid of toys and magazines
  • – Encouraging patients to restrict the number of support people coming along to the appointment with them
  • – Spacing appointments to minimise the number of people in the surgery
  • – Patients urged to sanitise hands before filling in paper work
  • – Patients asked to wash hands before getting on the dental chair
  • – Patients asked to mouth rinse before treatment to reduce the viral load.
  • – Keeping the surgery doors open to minimise contact

Though it is great to know that we are heading in the right direction with lowering of restrictions, we cannot become complacent and undo all the good work of lowering the numbers. People are urged to contact us only if you have urgent or emergency dental work or if you have an issue which may worsen in the next 2-3 months. Stay safe until then.